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It is an employer’s responsibility to communicate the relevant Health & Safety issues that impact an employee, as part of their role within a business. A digital Health & Safety handbook, can be accessed from any device at any time, enabling your employees to review your company’s Health & Safety policies on activities, ensuring their safety. As employees need to digitally sign to acknowledge that they have read and understood the Health & Safety handbook and subsequent updates, an audit trail can be produced for the Health & Safety Executive, if required.



A digital employee handbook reduces risk in your business by communicating an always up-to-date version, that is easily accessible on any device. This ensures that employees know exactly what they can and can’t do as part of their contract of employment. Any changes to Employment Law can be published immediately, employees will be notified of the changes and the reading of all content and updates are tracked. Employers can now see who has read what and when, so an employee saying they didn’t know, will no longer stand up in a tribunal.



Communicating what benefits an employee receives as part of their employment contract, increases employee engagement. This in turn:-

  1. increases employee loyalty
  2. retains knowledge in the company
  3. decreases  staff turnover
  4. reduces recruitment costs

An employee handbook is a great way to explain auto-enrolment and it’s implications to employees.



There are a number of benefits in deploying MyEmployeeHandbook in your organisation including:-


    No server to manage. No software to purchase and keep up to date. No backups to worry about. No need to manage access for large numbers of remote users.


    By having a single copy of your handbooks, you are reducing the risk in the business of employees referring to out of date information in copies of older versions of PDF or Word versions of your handbooks.


    Using mail merge style variables and display logic, content can be displayed dynamically based on an employee's role, their employee benefits package or their location.


    You are able to use videos and images in your employee handbooks to improve employee engagement. Use videos to explain more complex policies such as auto-enrolment and images to enhance content.


    All our servers come with 99.9% uptime, 256-bit SSL encryption, 24/7 monitoring and daily data backups.


    Use your own logo, colours and fonts to match your company branding. You can also use your domain or subdomain to access the platform.


Q. Do you provide a template employee handbook? A. Yes. Your account comes with a template employee handbook, which you can easily customise for your business.

Q. How does it work if I want to use our own employee handbook? A. Let us know and we will delete the template handbook and then you will be able to build your own employee handbook on our platform. We also have a done-for-you service, where we will build your handbook for a one-off fee based on the size of your handbook.

Q. Can you design our handbooks so that they match our corporate branding? A. Yes. there are elements of the handbook that we can change the styling of to complement your corporate branding.

Q. Can we white label the system and call it something else? A. Yes. We have customers who have implemented our system on their own domains and completely rebranded it as an internal product.

Q. Will we still have to pay for employees who have left the company? A. No. Once an employee leaves, simply change their status to inactive and it will lock them out of the system and no longer include them in the total number of employees.

Q. Do you provide HR and Employment Law services? A. No. We are providing a platform to publish your handbooks as web content, whether you manage your employee handbooks yourself or they are managed by a third party.


Here are some indicative prices for different sizes of organisations. We have a pricing structure from 50 to 5,000 or more employees, so email us for a quote on

To 50 Employees


per month
  • from £2 per employee per month
  • £1,000 per annum (save 14%)

To 200 Employees


per month
  • from £1 per employee per month
  • £2,000 per annum (save 15%)

To 500 Employees


per month
  • from 85p per employee per month
  • £4,000 per annum (save 16%)

To 1,000 Employees


per month
  • from 50p per employee per month
  • £5,000 per annum (save 16%)

Sound Energy

Thanks for sorting out the visibility options a couple of months back – all is working very well and staff are happy with the portal.

John Deas FCIPD, HR Manager